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a one-stop solution provider for all flexible packaging, Transportation and general Logistics supports and needs.
Sisco superior cargo handling services ltd is a venture in a very reasonable span of  years has established itself as a one-stop solution provider for all flexible logistical needs.

Today, our products in general cater to clients across the globe with a strong customer base in East Africa ,India, Europe, US, African continent, Middle East and the Far East, Japan, New Zeland, UAE, Kenya and many more.

We attribute our success to high-levels of professionalism, our dedicated team, pulse of the domestic and international markets, ultimate customer satisfaction and most importantly affordable prices.

Our mission is to be attentive to all our customer needs and create innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions and deliver value to our customers, employees and society at large.

Our vision is to serve the consumers in the world by continuously developing and creating the value added packaging products and be among major players in the global packaging market by year 2018 with innovation, quality, customer partnering, support, operational excellence, international best practices and world class competitive strengths in all our departments of operations worldwide.

Transportation: The Backbone of Logistics
We ensure best Transportation modes and mix decision are observed. We clearly consider factors influencing transportation cost and survey transportation network and route planning to offer the best suitable transportation need be it in Bulky cargo/LCL/ Containerization and its role and need in logistics to ensure secure and perfect logistical plan.

Transportation is an indicator which measures the economic, social and commercial progress of a country, project operation e.t.c is required. It has transformed the entire world into one organization and greatly contributed to the evolution of civilization. Transportation is the most visible element of logistics operation. It has a significant share in overall logistical cost of the firm and needs a great deal of consideration in a successful implementation of economy worldwide.






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