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Project Managers

Sisco superiorcargohandling services ltd provide to the aviation industry world over the best logistical equipment  support through our partners including,Selex Es spa, Sitti spa,Gloss srl in the region and world over.
We works side by side throughout the project life cycle in perfecting projects, repairs,spares and maintenance  services to ensure :-

Analyse needs and requirements
Detail specifications
Organise resources required for project completion
Coordinate implementation
Supervise full system testing
Oversee the operating start-up
Prepare customised training courses
Once the project is completed, the Project Manager in conjuction with SITTI stays at the customer disposal for providing any advice and support the customer may need, so as to:

Optimise service
Identify possible enhancements
Determine upcoming requirements and request for new functions
Select the most strategically advanced technical solutions
Indicate the best cost-effective answer to the customer evolving needs

SITTI indubitable world leadership in the provision of high performance air traffic control and emergency management room solutions relies on a number of strength factor that are put at our disposal to better achieve our customets own targets:

A highly specialised workforce, managed as a strategic corporate asset
Continuous investment in research and development
Cutting edge technology
State-of-the-art distributed systems for voice/data integration
High attention to ergonomics, including man-machine interfaces, to create a user friendly operating environment

International links with  Close cooperation with international civil and military aviation authorities and standardisation bodies (EUROCONTROL, FAA, ICAO, EUROCAE).

Radar Equip

Our equipment and cargo net working has over 5000 series network time servers providing a complete time synchronisation solution for both standard network applications and also more complex networked systems and installations.

These time servers have many different standard and optional configurable signal interfaces to ensure compatibility with an extensive range of current and legacy equipment in applications requiring accurate time synchronisation.

Typical applications include air traffic control systems, broadcasting, CCTV security systems, computer and communications networks. industrial process control, voice and data recording, surveillance and many types of mechanical and electronic digital and analogue secondary slave.
With vast exeperience call on us for the best equipment worldeide with international links.
You desires and requirements is our command and your happiness in this solution technology is our pride.






Air Navigation Equipment


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