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The company has grown rapidly since inception and, in addition to clearing vehicles and other general cargo for our East African based clients, we also service the neighbouring countries surrounding East Africa by providing a much needed service to clients wanting to import or export their own cargo into these neighbouring countries.

We arrange clearance and movement of all types of goods and general cargo including.

Besides normal imports and exports in Kenya, we execute Road bonds in place to facilitate the movement of these goods on case per case basis via Kenyan boarder both air, road and sea into neighbouring countries.

In addition to the clearing and forwarding services, Sisco Superior Cargo Handling Services Clearing has its own sole, independently  contracted transport company which takes care of all the delivery needs of  motor vehicles across the borders into their destination countries if and when need arises.

Their transport fleet boasts of, low bed carriers to transport heavy loads (truck/tractors and rigid’s), low loaders to carry coaches and buses, car carriers for the standard family vehicles and van transporters for large volume vans.

University of Nairobi